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What's Your Travel Style?


Score: 5-8


MILLENNIAL: You're someone who's a calculated risk taker and somehow manages to get the best of situations. Optimism is second nature, as you like to dream big with a lifestyle geared towards experiences.

Your trips usually go a little something like this...

You order an UberX from the office during LA traffic, leaving barely enough time to make it to the airport. Being resourceful, you end up directing the driver through your favorite backstreets, which have an 80% success rate. You took the risk since you were able to show face at work, and found a last minute deal via 'Skiplagged' app, to meet your crew in San Francisco for Outside Lands. During the ride you are a multi-tasking queen as you sit in the middle of the front and back seat with your phone on the charger, all while: checking into the flight, cancel tomorrow’s Bumble date, send a last minute work email, and confirm your festival ticket on StubHub. You pull up to LAX with some time to spare, so you decide to test your luck by asking to sit next to the window. The gate attendant see's your ‘Birdy Carry-On Bag’ which sparks a chat, next thing you know, you've hit the jackpot with a TSA-PreCheck ticket & an upgraded seat. You breeze through security to then find out that you’re sitting next to the best looking guy on the plane. He offers to buy you a vodka soda, which leads into a conversation of him having backstage passes to the event that inspired your whole trip... Sound familiar?


Score 9-11:


BOSS: Your career is thriving, and so is your confidence. People tend to gravitate towards you, as you enter the room at just at the right time and always arrive in sophisticated style.

We can likely find you:

At the wine bar of New York's JFK airport updating your Google Calendar, as you unwind from cramming in 3 meetings (that you closed) just before taking off to a conference in Chicago. Your next week seems like a breeze, with a 3-day weekend in the Hampton's planned by your CEO boyfriend. You know the only way that you're going have a stress-free vacation is by getting work done on the plane. Props to you for having a head start with priority boarding in business class. When you go to check your Skymiles Credit Card, you realize that you're eligible to redeem the desired ‘Birdy Carry-On Bag’ that you’ve had no time to buy. You quickly snatch one up, and start treating yourself with an online shopping spree from the good work you've put in this week. You justify splurging on a pair of Gucci sunglasses and 3 outfits (that will all be delivered to your doorstep by the time you're back in the city), since your racking up points on the Amex Platinum card. At the end of the day, it's your hard earned money and you’re going to spend it how you like.


Score 12-15:


JETSETTER: You are a trendsetter when it comes to fashion and travel. You're always the first to 'rock a look' that later becomes a craze, and can find you flying high in style.

Your trip begins with you:

Discussing hotel arrangements for next month's Wimbledon Tournament over smoked salmon with your long time girlfriends, as you all share your husband's Netjets account. You've sparked the girl’s curiosity by showing them your newest travel collection piece: ‘Birdy Carry-On Bag’. Of course you had it pre-ordered, and just so happens to match the Chanel Espadrilles Canvas Flats that you're wearing. You've done this flight countless times; Miami to Aspen, but this one was particularly exciting as the ladies couldn't get enough of your latest goldmine purchase. Next thing you know, it's a full blown champagne + Instagram party in air, taking photos with the bag to then later post on social media. With all the luxury travel you've racked up, you've become somewhat of an ‘influencer’, and your jet-set content is always great for engagement. You like to be the first one to purchase any new product that will compliment your sky-high lifestyle.

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