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Birdy Flight: 1-BRD

Welcome on board Flight 1-BRD, the first of many trips around the globe! Throughout this ride, you will experience the Birdy launch story. A story where you, the reader will get an in-depth look into everything that goes into getting a new product from inception to the market. We will take you on an exclusive journey of the Birdy lifestyle & business and below is the itinerary:

How Birdy Hatched

Revealing the ‘Birdy Bag’

Product Development & Features

Birdy’s Launch Journal

Tips on Starting a Business

Organizational Packing

Travel Style Guides

Official Launch Countdown

Crowdfunding Campaign

Behind the Scenes

Cheeky Bird Banter 🐣

We are currently preparing for take-off and are expected to have wings spread for approximately one and a half months. We ask that you please fasten your seat belts until we’re fully in air, it’s going to be an eventful launch! For all the bosses out there, we have new, innovative luggage that can store your electronic devices, and charge your cellular telephones. Wifi is on board to keep the millennials connected at all times. You may keep tray tables out to tune into Birdy’s blog and social media for complimentary in-flight entertainment. We also ask that your seats are in the most comfortable position, you deserve to jet set once in awhile. Thank you for choosing Birdy Air, we look forward to enjoying this ride with you.

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